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Top Destinations For Health Tourism

Read about medical procedures advancements, health services quality and safety in top medical destinations.

Medical tourism is not very popular in the country, nevertheless, you can take advantage of cheapest dental treatments in Europe. Some private clinics can offer one a medical plan, built in up to three business days. Popular medical services in Moldova: Dental implant - up to EUR 300, restoration of frontal tooth - EUR 63, ceramic crown - EUR 180.

Medical studies are considered to be a perfect combination of high-quality and reasonable prices. Romania is ranked 99th in WHO's list of countries with most prolific healthcare systems. There are state hospitals, private hospital, and clinics, that usually share the same doctors.

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Spain's healthcare system is ranked 7th in the World Health Organization's list of the most improved medical systems. Most common treatments available in Spain cosmetic/plastic surgery, dental procedures, cardiac procedures, orthopedic surgery, fertility treatment. 

In 2014, the Bloomberg News ranked Singapore “the most efficient health system in the world”. The WHO list of the 191 countries that have the best health system, Singapore, comes on the 6th place. Singapore is known for cosmetic surgery, dentistry, heart surgery, orthopedic surgery.

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Home to 40% of the top clinics and hospitals in Latin America Colombia is 22nd best health care system according to the World Health Organization.  List of medical services popular in Colombia: addiction treatment, cardiology, cosmetic, dentistry, fertility.

The USA is rated among the top medical tourist destinations in the world. Highly developed medical technology is making the United States a good place to visit for medical treatment, cardiovascular (heart transplant), cosmetic surgery and cancer treatments are the most sought services in the USA today.

Cuba offers access to over 20 hospital centers specially set up for international patients. Most hospitals are certified with ISO 14001 and with ISO 9001 ensuring the quality control. Available medical services in Cuba is oncology, orthopedics, heart surgery, neurology.

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Hospitals in Poland are equipped with modern healthcare equipment, they also have international accreditation from Trent Accreditation Scheme (TAS) and the European Society for Quality in Healthcare (ESQH). Available medical services in Poland are dentistry, dermatology, orthopedic surgeries, ophthalmology, heart surgery.

The medical facilities in Hungary are highly developed and offer a wide arrange of medical services at an affordable price. Medical institutions offer a unique feature for medical tourists. The most popular services offered are dentistry, plastic and orthopedic surgery, cardiac rehabilitation, fertility treatments.

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In the United Arab Emirates, most of the doctors are trained in the US and Europe and speak fluently many languages. The modern technology occupies a major place in UAE ‘s the medical industry. Popular medical services in UAE  cancer treatment, dental surgery,  fertility procedures, orthopedy.

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Turkey’s government and private healthcare institutions are conducted strict implementation of the advanced technology, and medical standards. Turkey offers less expensive treatments. The hospitals in Turkey offer ophthalmology, orthopedics, oncology, transplantation, dentistry.

Panama offers medical services at 40%-70% cheaper than in the US and most doctors in Panama received their training in the US and are internationally qualified to provide services that meet a high standard of quality. Popular medical services in Panama oncology,  ophthalmology, dentistry,  plastic surgery,  spine surgery, cardiology.

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The medical tourism sector has led to the development of the infrastructure in Malaysia and played a major role in the general development of the country. Popular medical services in Malaysia are cosmetic surgery,  ophthalmology,  dentistry, plastic surgery, cancer treatment, gynecology.

Mexico is a top destination for the growing worldwide medical tourism and has become a healthcare hub. The country has increased its services offering cardiology, fertility, oncology, weight loss surgery and reconstructive surgery in many cities around the country.

India is one of the lowest cost and highest quality medical tourism destinations. India has 28 JCI accredited hospitals. Available medical services in India, cancer treatment, ophthalmology, spine surgery, cardiology, cosmetic surgery, gynecology.

Thailand has a highly-advanced healthcare system, modern facilities, and a wealth of doctors with advanced medical degrees and board certifications from the US and Europe. Most common treatments available in Thailand cosmetic/plastic surgery, dental procedures, cardiac procedures, orthopedic surgery, fertility treatment.

WHO ranked Costa Rica among the top three healthcare systems in Latin America. Most hospitals in Costa Rica that offer health services for tourists have their doctors trained in the US and Europe. Available medical services in Costa Rica oncology, ophthalmology, dentistry, plastic surgery, spine surgery, cardiology.

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In Brazil doctors are highly qualified and many of them have studied abroad acquiring international recognition and experience. Common treatments done in Brazil plastic surgery, ophthalmology, fertility treatment, general surgery, neurosurgery.

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