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To answer some of the more common questions in the Medical Tourism industry, we talk to patients and medical professionals about treatments you need to know more.
Surrogacy is often an answer for couples who want to grow their family but cannot because of different conditions. Due to surrogacy not being either available or too expensive, people tend to travel for the procedure, Ukraine is one of the top destinations. To help surrogacy tourists find more information about the full process for surrogacy, we interviewed the Adonis Family Medical Center based in Ukraine. Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY was created in May 2012 to offer the most available and qualitative specialized medical care in the field of human reproduction based on Medical Center ADONIS which has been working in Kyiv since 1997 and is known for its excellent reputation.
There are two important reasons why patients choose IVF treatment in Turkey. One is the contribution of new articles in the subject of reproductive medicine in Turkey to the public literature which shows that the Universities and facilities have serious interest in the topic. It already makes a great opportunity for the patients seeking treatment abroad. 
According to the legislation of Ukraine, heterosexual couples who are officially married have the right to resort to surrogacy services. Same-sex couples or single women and men...Prices vary and start from 35 000 and end at 150 000 euros.
Facelift Dentistry is a comprehensive functional and aesthetic transformation that goes above and beyond cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers. This method is about improving the jawline, the facial profile, reversing the effects of aging, with the ultimate smile and doing it while simultaneously restoring worn-down teeth.
A zirconium crown is € 365 or £ 328. An e-max veneer is € 399 or £ 359. In both cases at our clinic, if someone needs more crowns or veneers, not just one, the prices will be cheaper. For veneers and crowns, we use IPS e-max material, and for bridges and crowns, we use Procera zirconium. If they are well cared for, they can last 14-15 years.
Our English, Russian, and Mongolian speaking coordinators answer questions regarding the spine and joint-related ailments. They can book appointments, ask questions, and send their medical report or current symptoms to us. We also receive MRI or X-RAY images in either DICOM or JPEG file format.
Read about How are Dental Clinics Handling Coronavirus Pandemic. Get a Free Consultation with a dental specialist in Costa Rica and find more about Undertaken Measures to Prevent Coronavirus Spread at the office.
Israel's borders remain closed for tourist access. It is flexible for seriously ill patients, especially in severe cases of child oncology. The patients need to have a special permit from the Israel Ministry of Health. During the Pandemic, Israel has air traffic with The States, London, Rome, Minsk, and Kyiv. Israel's airways with Russia are currently closed.
Most IVF clinics worldwide have stopped most of the treatments since March 2020. However, now, most are beginning to perform some types of treatments, starting with the most urgent ones, egg freezing for oncologic patients, IVF treatments for women with poor ovarian reserve, or just poor prognosis.
Rhinoplasty is a surgery that reshapes the nose. It can be done for medical reasons such as breathing problems or disfigurement after trauma, but it also can be done for aesthetic reasons, to improve the appearance of the nose. To learn more about what is like to have a rhinoplasty, we talked to Daniela, a 26-year-old developer from Moldova who underwent the surgery in November 2019.
I had a BBL and liposuction 360, some call it body sculpting. Right after the operation, I was in a bad condition. The first three days were really hard, it felt like I was hit by a car. If you would have given me a reset button I would've pressed it. But after the first three days, it was completely different, I felt so much better.
Brittany Brown is a young lady from Australia who had a huge weight transformation after bariatric surgery. When her weight hit 120kgs she decided its time to change that and she booked her surgery date.