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To answer some of the more common questions in the Medical Tourism industry, we talk to patients and medical professionals about treatments you need to know more.
I had a BBL and liposuction 360, some call it body sculpting. Right after the operation, I was in a bad condition. The first three days were really hard, it felt like I was hit by a car. If you would have given me a reset button I would've pressed it. But after the first three days, it was completely different, I felt so much better.
Brittany Brown is a young lady from Australia who had a huge weight transformation after bariatric surgery. When her weight hit 120kgs she decided its time to change that and she booked her surgery date.
Same day mouth rehabilitation. Costs Benefits, Surgery Aftercare, Pain Durability. Who can get a one day implant? The difference between traditional implants and one-day implants.
In vitro fertilization is a popular treatment for medical tourism which rises a lot of questions due to its complexity. Therefore we talked with Olga Polotska to help us understand IVF procedures.
Dental restoration is one of the most sought for medical treatments worldwide. We interviewed Mossimo Marinoni, who explained what a patient should expect when going for a full-mouth restoration.
Looking for ways to bleach your teeth? We have discussed teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide option and asked your questions to Kevin Rynn representative of Perfect Ten Smile on MedicalTourism.Review.
For those who want to treat Myopia, Astigmatism, Hyperopia or Presbyopia and look for innovative eye care surgeries we have asked  Net Goz Clinic how they use their innovative methods like ReLEx Smile and Laser Presbyond to get better results.
For those who are looking for cancer treatment abroad or considering going to Israel for oncology, we have asked a couple of questions to Ilana Shafransky which is representing
For those who are looking for dental procedures abroad or considering going to Ukraine for dentistry, we have asked a couple of questions to Nataliia Blyzniuk which is representing UA Destin
For those who consider to go for Plastic Surgery abroad or considering Plastic Surgery in Mexico MTR team asked Andres