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Stranger in peril

Hypothetically, let’s imagine you see a person that seems hurt on the other side of the road. You don’t know this person, he/she might be local, or a tourist visiting this new and exciting country. You don’t know the reason for this person’s pain, he/she may be injured or it could be an effect of a chronic issue. Now, imagine being in that person’s shoes. It’s easy to picture it, I personally have experienced these situations many times!

Many questions arise immediately: What should this person do? What would I do? What could I do? Where should I go to get medical help? 
How many times have you asked yourself while being in a foreign country, how to get immediate help?

Experiencing medical tourism on all continents

Personally, I asked the last question several times, and depending on my luck, my experiences were very different. 
Once, while I was staying in a hotel in Thailand, the lady from the front desk told me to go to a nearby small, not too fancy, hospital. She told me, that for my foot infection it will be just perfect, and I will spend only 10 dollars for the medical procedure. She was right, it was exactly what I needed and not too expensive. Unfortunately, in a different instance, when I needed medical help, the outcome was completely different. There were no reliable sources of information on medical services and I had to spend thousands of dollars to get help. I end up buying a last-minute, very expensive plane ticket to go home before New Year and all because during the two weeks prior, I visited 3 hospitals in 2 countries and I was not getting any better. It was the first time in my life when I was in danger of dying if no medical help was provided on time. 
In those 2 weeks and in many other similar situations, I was wondering why isn’t there a platform that will allow me to find medical help when I needed the most. I have sources for hotels and restaurants, attractions, and many other activities. I need to have access to a reliable source of medical information when I go abroad, too. 
It would be most useful, while laying on the same sidewalk, to pull out my phone and find the nearest hospital and see that 10 or 20 other people have been at that hospital and are telling me that I should go there too.
I’ve met many people during my travels, who didn’t get medical help because they were afraid of going to local hospitals in an unknown country. 
In similar cases, several questions arise: What if I need to go abroad to get medical help, what services are available, and are they affordable? Who should I ask and whose opinions matter? Will I find a venue that suits my specific needs, or will I have to compromise even if that affects my health, wellbeing, and sometimes my life? 

Nicoleta Nagailic, cofounder at MTR. 

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