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In this article, you will read about:

  • What is AntiAging Dentistry?
  • What Procedures Are Done in AntiAging Dentistry?
  • What are the Advantages of AntiAging Dentistry?
  • Is it Painful?
  • How much AntiAging Dentistry Costs?

What is AntiAging Dentistry?

AntiAging Dentistry
"Anti-aging Dentistry, also known as Dental Face Lift or Smile Face Lift, is a medical and aesthetic strategy that allows you to rejuvenate the smile, mouth, and face in a global way. We are talking about "strategy" because it is not a single treatment, nor is it a predefined combination of treatments. Instead, it is a matter of adopting a multidisciplinary approach starting from the unique and singular situation of the specific person. The care of the teeth and mouth can be combined synergistically with treatments that improve the aesthetics of the face. The aim is to restore the smile that has been lost with aging. 

Improving the Shape of Your teeth, facial profile, chin size, and chin position start with allowing the jaw to move into the ideal position. From the union of a Prosthodontist, an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, and a Plastic Surgeon, they will offer treatments that also act as anti-aging for the face. These techniques permit overbite correction without braces or aligners also with the help of laser devices and dermatologic treatments that promote skin and dental rejuvenation.

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Facelift Dentistry is a comprehensive functional and aesthetic transformation that goes above and beyond cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers. This method is about improving the jawline, and the facial profile, reversing the effects of aging, with the ultimate smile, and doing it while simultaneously restoring worn-down teeth, correcting underbites, jaw pain, and headaches, with or without surgeries and without drilling down your healthy teeth. In Costa Rica, this treatment is exclusively available to patients at the clinic niche branch -  Costa Rica Antiaging Dentistry."

Who can have Anti-aging Dentistry?

"This is for anyone who wants a younger and functional smile, to improve the overall appearance of the face, no matter what age. Based on this principle, a group of specialists offers themselves with many years of experience in prosthodontics, dental aesthetics, plastic surgery, and anti-aging."

Who can not have Anti-aging Dentistry?

AntiAging Dentistry
"During the first consultation at the clinic, our doctors will proceed to a blood test, X-rays, an exhaustive check-up, and in case the patients cannot undergo the treatments, the specialists would suggest possible alternatives, however, to prevent the patients to travel for nothing, as per our procedure we will send a medical form checking for all the medical history, to be filled by the patients before even to come at the country."

Dental - It is quite rare that we come across a patient that cannot have dental treatments. The main group of people where this would be the case would be people who are being treated with a group of drugs known as bisphosphonates eg. alendronic acid.

Botox - People who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a neurological disease should not use Botox. Since Botox doesn't work for all wrinkles, during the first consultation our doctor will check on that.

Hyaluronic Acid - Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding shouldn’t undergo a treatment involving hyaluronic acid. Other contraindications are diabetes, various infections, allergies, immune system diseases, and allergy to the acid.

Platelet Rich Plasma - Platelet-rich plasma injections may not be appropriate for a patient who: Has a medical condition that could worsen or spread with injections, such as an active infection, a metastatic disease, or certain skin diseases. Has certain blood and bleeding disorders.

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What are the Advantages of AntiAging Dentistry?

AntiAging Dentistry
"Most people and dentists do not understand (yet) that improving the shape of the teeth, the facial profile, chin size, and chin position, starts with allowing the jaw to move into the ideal position, which essentially means changing the position of the teeth to a more favorable position that will provide the needed support to the upper lip. Think about it this way: the teeth serve as the foundation for the rest of the face. For example, a patient with collapsing teeth may elect to have a lip injection. While some fullness in the lip may be restored, this provides no support. Getting the teeth fixed restores harmony to the face and fixes the underlying issue—excessive grinding—which would come back if you opted for a quick fix with Botox, Fillings, or cosmetic surgery.

We don’t use a traditional method of smile design like most other dentists because it only focuses on creating perfectly symmetrical teeth. This may not be right for every patient, and can actually have a reverse disharmonious effect. After a full facial assessment and direct bonding mockup to show the patient what their smile will eventually look like, I sculpt the temporaries over the teeth, an uncommon step for most dentists. The artistic ability allows the prosthodontist to create these trial smiles, allowing patients to wear them and provide feedback before we finish the veneers, crowns, etc. The ceramist in our Dental LAB will then create a line-for-line copy of my work to duplicate the temporary teeth into individual porcelain restorations."

Does AntiAging Dentistry have Risks?

"The risks are the same as regular dental cosmetic or dermatologic treatments, etc. Very low."

How Painful is the Procedure?

"Absolutely non-painful at all."

Are the Aesthetic Results of AntiAging Dentistry Permanent? Does the Patient need Maintenance?

"For the Dental part will need the regular yearly check-up at the dental clinic. For the Dermatologic part, it depends on the treatment, for example, the Botox lasts 4-6 months." 

How much AntiAging Dentistry Costs?

AntiAging Dentistry
"Costs depend on the treatments needed, however, the price would be dramatically lower than the same group of treatments charged individually from different clinics because treatments are quoted as a package and would be more convenient economically and logistically more comfortable because the patients will deal with only one clinic instead of many, one place for all treatments."

For the prices, this is an example:

1 - A Full Mouth Restoration with 28 Crowns and Veneers costs usually $16,800. But not every patient will need a full-mouth restoration, if you need partial teeth implants the price can be much lower, depending on your case.

2 - If Dental Implants are needed we have to add $900 per implant but until the doctors can have a look at the Panoramic X-rays, we cannot know how many implants the patient would need.

3 - Root Canals cost $400. 

4 - Platelet Rich Plasma or Fibrine (PRP - PRF) or Botulinic or Hyaluronic Acid Injections would currently cost an extra $700 each.

5 - Other kinds of Surgical or Non-Surgical Facelift Treatments, if needed, would have their different costs and have to be quoted appropriately because not every patient would need the same treatments.

"We are studying an Antiaging-Dentistry Package which will include all Crowns-Veneers, Dental Implants, and PlateletRich Plasma, or Fibrine (PRP - PRF) or Botulinic or Hyaluronic Acid Injections treatments as needed. The amount of this offer would be around the $18,000 with the clause that after having seen the panoramic X-rays view and a Selfie of the face, in case of needing any of the special treatments on point #5 that are not included in the package they will be quoted personally for each patient."

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