Top Destinations for Full Mouth Restoration 

In this article, you will read about:

  • Top Countries for Dentistry;
  • All-on-4 Price;
  • All-on-6 Price;
  • How to Choose a Clinic for Dental Implants.

Dentistry is one of the top procedures for Medical Tourism. One of the main reasons it has become so popular is traveling abroad for dental treatments that can save you from 30% to 80% of the price you would pay in the USA, the UK, or Australia, even with all the travel expenses. 

At the same time, cheaper doesn't necessarily mean the worse quality of materials and training. It all comes down to a much lower price of living. Because of factors such as lower taxes, cheaper rent, lower salaries, and insurance, doctors can provide high-quality dental treatments at a lower price. 

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Top Countries for Dental Tourism

  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • Hungary
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Turkey

Full mouth implants are the best procedure to fix all the teeth in a jaw or both. Generally, it is done by inserting 4 or 6 implants that look like metal screws into the jawbone. In the next 4 to 6 month young jawbone has to heal and bond with the implants, during this time you will have a temporary crown for aesthetic purposes. When you are healed the temporary crown is replaced by the permanent one which is molded to fit you perfectly and look the most natural. Depending on your specific case the steps of the procedure may vary.

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All-on-4 Full Mouth Rehabilitation Average Price

  • Mexico - $10,500 to $12,500
  • Costa Rica - $ 8,000 - $12,000
  • Hungary - $5,600
  • Thailand - $11,200
  • India - $6,970
  • Turkey - 5,500$

In the USA or Canada, you would have to pay between $18,000 to $30,000 for one bridge of all on 4 implants.

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All-on-6 Full Mouth Rehabilitation Average Price

  • Mexico - $12,000
  • Costa Rica -$12,500 
  • Hungary - $8,600
  • Thailand - $14,000
  • India - $7,000
  • Turkey - $6,700

In the USA, the UK, or Canada one bridge of 6 implants costs on average $28,000.

How to Choose a Clinic for Dental Implants

If you are planning to travel for all-on-4 or all-on-6 dental implants, we advise you to choose an accredited clinic and/or a board-certified doctor that can prove to you their experience and expertise regarding the surgery. You can check their accreditation online and request any information from the clinic's staff. 

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