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The breast reduction that you are going to do in Tunisia aims to make small and in perfect harmony with the rest of the body. This breast surgery treats an enlarged breast caused by successive pregnancies, a fluctuating weight or a hormonal imbalance.

Often associated with breast lift, this mammary gland reduction surgery is done in Tunisia according to strict and ethical standards.
The breast reduction price in Tunisia is possibly cheaper than in most European countries. However, it has equipment adapted to international standards, as well as qualified professionals in the field of cosmetic surgery.

The price is all-inclusive, it includes:

  • Medical team fees
  • Operating room costs
  • The cost of the transfer between the hotel and the clinic
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Preoperative consultations

The procedure of breast reduction surgery
It should be noted that this cosmetic and restorative operation of the breasts is preceded by one or more medical consultations to determine the quantity of glands and skin to be eliminated and to know if there are contraindications preventing the normal course of the surgery.

During these consultations, the surgeon will be able to define the type of anesthesia and choose the mode of incision which will, in any case, be perfectly hidden between the folds of the breasts.

The cosmetic surgeon, after having drawn the lines to follow, will remove the excess glandular tissue and reassemble the breast gland. He will also make a redraping of the skin envelope, a little as if you were pulling the sheets on your bed, to make the shape of the new breasts more attractive.

In the case of sagging skin, he makes a breast reduction plasty. He can then check the asymmetry, because it is not necessary that a breast exceeds another or that a nipple is lower than the other, it makes false breasts. The goal is to make them real and natural breasts. It will, therefore, reduce the areola and point the nipple upwards.

At the end of his intervention, the plastic surgeon will place a shaping dressing or a compression bra (more practical) that the patient will have to wear for a few weeks (2 to 3 approximately).

The duration of the surgical intervention is 1 or 2 hours and requires hospitalization of 1 day.

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