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The Tunisia dental implant is made to replace lost teeth. The loss of a tooth can alter the aesthetics of the smile but also the function of chewing. In order to resolve this problem, dental implants are used.

Dental implant Tunisia

The dental implant placement method allows you to replace a permanently damaged tooth. It is dental surgery which restores both the aesthetic and functional side to regain the main function of teeth which is the chewing of food.

While the installation of dental veneer , it allows to restore the front teeth to find a beautiful smile and symmetrical dentition. So it is mainly an aesthetic advantage that is gained by the installation of dental veneers.

Tunisia dental implant price
The price of a dental implant in Tunisia depends on the number of damaged teeth to be replaced. It takes € 500 for the installation of a single dental implant with Smart esthetics.

Take advantage of an all-inclusive Tunisia medical stay for your dental surgery at an attractive price.

Procedure for placing a dental implant
Before going to the steps and the approach of this dental surgery , let's first see the preparation and the operating principle of implant placement. Indeed, the dental surgeon needs to place the dental crown on an artificial root. The implant will be fixed to the jaw bone on which the dental crown will be connected by a pillar.

Before placing the dental implant
The dentist must ensure that the gum is in good condition. Through preliminary examinations, he must also verify that the mandibular bone is in good health and capable of receiving the dental implant . Radios are made to program the different stages and to decide if there is a need for a bone graft in case of insufficient bone volume. You must communicate to your doctor the drugs taken so that he can establish a good diagnosis, tell you the technique that best suits you and know if you can do this intervention or not.

Contraindications of dental implantology
Although the dental implant method has many advantages and is the most effective method of replacing lost teeth, it is not for everyone. Indeed, the patient must be in good health and above all not suffer from uncontrolled diabetes or cancer.

The stages of dental implant placement
The course of dental implantology surgery depends on the type of implant used:

The dental implant in two phases
- The installation of the artificial root: In place of the torn out tooth, the dentist places an artificial root in titanium. To do this, he begins by making an incision in the gum, then a hole in the alveolar bone of the jaw to accommodate the new root of the implant. This surgical procedure prepares the jaw to accommodate the new tooth. At the end, he closes the incision and gives the implant time to merge with the mandibular bone.

- The installation of the abutment and the dental crown. It is done after 5 months. During this last phase, the dental surgeon reopens the incision to place on the implant the abutment which is the intermediary between the jaw bone and the dental crown.

The immediate dental implant
The dental surgeons who take care of patients from our Smart esthetic agency generally opt for this type of implant. The latter has the advantage of being shorter and faster. The surgeon does not need to open the gum later to insert the abutment. In a single session, he places the implants on which the crown is fixed.

The only condition for using this type of implant is that the patient has excellent bone quality and an alveolus without any infection. The patient can then take advantage of a ceramic dental implant to perfectly restore their lost tooth.

The dental implant placement is painless since the patient will undergo local anesthesia.

Implantology operations
The main operative suites of implantology are bleeding, pain easily alleviated by medication. Hematomas and inflammations also gradually disappear.

Result of the placement of a dental implant
Food digestion is restored as soon as the pain subsides. The first functional result of the implantation of the dental implant is that chewing is restored in a normal way. In second position, the patient acquires an aesthetic advantage thanks to this dental surgery.


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