Blepharoplasty Tunisia

4 nights / 5 days

How does a blepharoplasty take place?
There is no standard procedure for all patients, but the eye plastic surgery specialist should advise each person on the most appropriate procedure for their case based on their physical characteristics and aesthetic concerns.
Functional blepharoplasty: A functional blepharoplasty removes excess skin that obscures the visual field. The surgeon in Tunisia will seek the aesthetic improvement of the patient and, more importantly, the recovery of the function of the eye and its associated facial structures, whose functioning has been impaired by some of the pathologies or by aging.

If it is determined that the procedure is necessary in medical terms, the surgery may be covered by medical insurance.

Cosmetic blepharoplasty: A cosmetic blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper or lower eyelid, or both.

Upper blepharoplasty: the goal is to remove excess skin from the upper eyelids and cleanse the eyes to give them a rejuvenated and rested appearance.
Lower blepharoplasty: the objective is to eliminate the bags from the lower eyelid. You can also tighten the skin if necessary. This can be done using a traditional or transconjunctival technique.
Preoperative arrangements for cosmetic eyelid surgery:
In this operation, which affects the eyelids, it is important to assess each case individually, since the eyelid surgery must be adapted to the personal characteristics of each patient, making it a highly personalized treatment.
The specialist in plastic eye surgery must assess what aspects can be improved with this operation since aging can affect the structures attached to the eye differently.

This first consultation will be necessary for the surgeon and the patient to exchange and jointly establish the bases of the aesthetic project.
Another consultation will be scheduled with the anesthesiologist to make the necessary arrangements.
Your surgeon will have many recommendations to make to you, like stopping smoking at least a week before the intervention.

Procedure and operating techniques of a blepharoplasty:
The blepharoplasty is commonly performed as an outpatient and requires local anesthesia.
The procedure can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on whether your surgeon operates on your upper and lower eyelids.
For the upper eyelids, the incision lines are (usually) along the natural fold lines of the eyelids. Once the incisions are made, the fatty deposits are repositioned or eliminated, the muscles and tissues are tightened and the excess skin is removed.
If your surgery involves the lower eyelids, you will have an incision just below the lower lash line or inside the lower eyelid. Depending on the method, excess skin on the lower eyelid is removed or redistributed or the fat is removed.

After the procedure, the incisions are closed with removable sutures, skin adhesives or surgical tape.


Blepharoplasty 2 eyelids    € 1,450   
Blepharoplasty 4 eyelids    € 1,560


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