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The seventh-largest in the world (by area), India is a country in South Asia. It’s the second most populated country in the world with an estimation of 1.2 billion people. It has several ancient temples and a wide variety of historical temples. It is ranked 52 out of 141 countries in the tourism sector.

Why India for Medical Tourism?

This is a sector that is fast growing in India. Excellent services are offered at a pocket-friendly price. As of 2015, the Medical Tourism Market Report found that India is one of the lowest cost and highest quality medical tourism destinations. India has 28 JCI accredited hospitals. This is a high number comparing to other countries and thus has had a real positive effect on the development of medical tourism.

Medical Tourism Popularity in India

India is becoming the second most popular medical tourism destination after Malaysia. Professional doctors, mostly trained in America and Europe, are an added advantage because of their ability to speak several languages. Approximately 40 % of the tourists in India are medical tourists.

Hospital Accreditation System in India

Joint Commission International (JCI) is a global certification that's considered a gold standard in the world of the medical industry. It accredits hospitals and medical schools in India. JCI has programs that help improve hospitals that meet their standards.

Top Medical Treatments in India

The most popular medical service offered in India is cancer treatment. Due to the availability of innovative equipment, India is attracting a lot of medical tourists most of them being from African countries. Besides cancer treatment, cosmetic surgery is the second most appreciated medical service.  India has to offer a variety of other high-quality medical services.

Dentistry Prices in India

  • All on 4 - $6970
  • All on 6 - $6000-$8000
  • Single implant with crown - $520
  • Bone Graft - $300
  • Sinus lift - $350
  • Porcelain veneers - $200
  • Laser whitening - $169-209

Fertility Treatment in India

India has become a developing area for medical travelers looking for treatments at low costs. Everything from a plastic medical procedure to in vitro fertilization (IVF) is accessible in urban areas like Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and others. Moderate pricing, improving clinical offices, and English-talking specialists all make treatment in India appealing. In any event, figuring in movement expenses, the all-out cost is still well underneath compared to numerous urban areas in the U.S. furthermore, Western Europe.

Fertility clinics in India offer IVF at profoundly lower price rates when contrasted with different sectors in the U.S. or Europe. The normal IVF cost for one round of IVF in India goes from roughly $1,317 to $4,610, however, this does exclude prescriptions, testing, or extra methodology that might be required. When adding other regular charges for meds and additions like ICSI and FETs, the cost might be nearer to $7,867 to $10,400. This does exclude the expense of movement or housing costs.

Is India Safe?

Generally, India is a safe country. General caution is advised, especially:
Sexual Assault - female tourists should be more cautious and alert toward possible sexual assaults. Although registered at low rates, women can seem more vulnerable, and thus extra care is advised.
Public demonstrations - tourists visiting India are encouraged to always watch out for an abrupt public demonstration.
Terrorism - tourists should be aware of terrorist threats in the country and avoid visiting threatened regions.
In case of any assault or incidents, you are advised to contact the Indian police force on the following Toll-Free numbers (100, 101, 102). In case you are detained or mishandled by the police, you should contact your respective embassy for help.

India Quick Facts

• Capital: New Delhi with a population of approx. 21 million.
• Population: About 1.3 billion people 
• Major infectious diseases: malaria, typhoid, hepatitis, jaundice, leptospirosis, diarrheal disease, amoebiasis, cholera.
Degree of risk: Low
• Passport validity: A travel passport in India is valid if it has at least one hundred and eighty days left before it expires and at least two blank pages.
• Mandatory Vaccinations: there’s currently no mandatory vaccination in India. Vaccination to pneumococcus, chickenpox, meningococcal meningitis and influenza are highly recommended. 
• Currency restrictions for entry: there’s no restriction for import of foreign currency into India although an amount more than US$5,000 (or equivalent) in traveler’s cheque has to be declared.
• Emergency Telephone Numbers: 100 - police, 101 - fire, 102 – ambulance.


New Delhi


Weather Description

The weather is as varied as the country itself. The rain season begins in June and lasts till September. The desert region experiences very minimal rainfall while the southern region is characterized by high rainfall. The temperatures are bearable throughout the whole country.
18 °C - 30 °C
64 °F - 86 °F
18 °C - 31 °C
64 °F - 88 °F
21 °C - 32 °C
70 °F - 90 °F
24 °C - 33 °C
75 °F - 91 °F
27 °C - 33 °C
81 °F - 91 °F
26 °C - 32 °C
79 °F - 90 °F
25 °C - 30 °C
77 °F - 86 °F
25 °C - 30 °C
77 °F - 86 °F
25 °C - 31 °C
77 °F - 88 °F
24 °C - 33 °C
75 °F - 91 °F
22 °C - 33 °C
72 °F - 91 °F
19 °C - 32 °C
66 °F - 90 °F

Available Accreditations

No accreditation are available.

Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Travel Agencies for India

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Adroit Centre for Digestive and Obesity Surgery
Not Rated
0 Ahmedabad
Aesthetics MediSpa India
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AK Clinics - Delhi
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All India Institute Of Medical Sciences
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0 Mumbai
Dental Creations
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Dr Garg`s Multispecialty Dental Centre
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Dr. Neelu Test Tube Baby Center In Punjab
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Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre
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0 Visakhapatnam
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Hinduja Healthcare Surgical
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0 Mumbai
Indira Infertility & Test Tube Baby Centre
Not Rated
0 N/A
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals Delhi
Not Rated
0 New Delhi

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