Gum Contouring

Definition: a surgical procedure performed in order to reshape and contour gum tissue that is uneven and/or covers too much of the teeth surface. The condition is sometimes referred to as “gummy smile”, and needs contouring not only for cosmetic purposes, but also for health reasons, as it is a counter measurement for decay, tooth loss, gum infections and other periodontal diseases.
The procedure may also be used in cases of gum recession, a condition in which the gum tissue pulls back and exposes too much of the teeth surface or its roots.

How does it work?

First the doctor numbs the area, and then removes the excess gum tissue, contouring it to a uniform gum line. The removing process can be done by scalpel or using a laser blade. 
In more severe cases, the doctor first makes an incision on the gum line, flaps the margins over and then removes some bone from the front of the tooth’s root. The procedure is finished by removing the necessary amount of gum and suturing it.
In cases of gum recession, the doctor will use gum graft from the palate or other places from your mouth to cover the defect. 

What are the risks?

  • Bleeding 
  • Swelling of the gum
  • Infection
  • Allergic reaction to the anesthetic
  • Unsuccessful procedure
  • Recurrence of the problem

How to prepare for the procedure?

There is no special recommendation other than brushing your teeth.

How long does the procedure take?

Depending on the severity of the problem, the procedure may take an hour or more.

How to recover after the Gum Contouring procedure? 

  • You should maintain proper oral hygiene to prevent gum infection, but during the first couple of days after the procedure be gentle when brushing and flossing
  • You can softly rinse your mouth with warm salty water for a couple of days
  • A few days after the procedure you might feel some discomfort in your gums that can be managed with pain medication
  • Avoid solid and spicy food, hot or cold drinks, and anything with seeds during the healing period
  • Remember your regular visits to the dentist.

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Providers that provide Gum Contouring Service

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1 Costa Rica
Versailles Dental Clinic
1 United Arab Emirates
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1 Hungary
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4 Turkey
Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC)
1 Thailand
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Dental Center - Dr Rosa Basic
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0 Serbia
Dental Net Turkey
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Dr Garg`s Multispecialty Dental Centre
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