Inlay Onlay Restoration

Definition: a dental custom-made restoration method that consists of fitting and cementing a solid material (gold, porcelain or lab-prepared composite resin) into the prepared cavity of a tooth that has been cracked, fractured, or decayed. 
Inlay - used when the tooth structure that is damaged and needs to be replaced is within the tooth cusps and covers a small biting surface.
Onlay  - used when the tooth structure that is damaged and needs to be replaced covers a bigger part of the biting surface and includes one or more tooth cusps.

These restoration methods are usually used when the damage to the tooth is too big for a traditional filling and too small for a dental crown. The Inlay/Onlay restoration is a durable method as it can bear up to 50-75 % of the biting force and does not shrink as opposed to standard filling. 

There are two types of Inlay/Onlay Restoration:

  • Indirect - the inlay/onlay is prepared in a laboratory using an exact impression of your tooth and it is then cemented into the prepared cavity;
  • Direct - the inlay/onlay is prepared in your dentist’s office using 3D computer imagery and other special machinery to take an image of your tooth, design and create your inlay/onlay, and then cement it into the prepared cavity.

How does it work?

After numbing the area the doctor will prepare the tooth by cleaning it of decay or removing the cracked portion. Next, the doctor will take an impression of your teeth using a putty material which is sent to the dental laboratory to create your inlay or onlay (that may take several weeks). The first appointment is finished by closing the prepared cavity with a temporary fitting. On the second appointment, the doctor will remove the temporary fitting and will place your custom-made inlay/onlay into the prepared cavity and cement it. The session is finished by polishing your new tooth surface to ensure a correct biting position.
However, if you are using a direct restoration, the doctor will take a picture of the tooth using a scanning device after preparing it. While you rest in your chair, the doctor sets the machine to create your inlay or outlay. The appointment is finished by placing the inlay/onlay and cementing it into the tooth, followed by polishing the surfaces. The direct method requires a single appointment.

What are the risks?

  • Mild discomfort for a few days after the procedure
  • Failure of the inlay/onlay restoration
  • Allergic reaction to the anesthetic

How to prepare for the procedure?

There is no special preparation needed other than cleaning your teeth.

How long does the procedure take?

If you are using the indirect method, the first appointment might take an hour or more (depending on your tooth problem), while the second one might take less.
If you are using the direct method you will need a single appointment but it might take a couple of hours to finish the job. 

How to recover after the procedure? 

  • If you take proper care of your teeth, and clean and floss them regularly, the inlay/onlay restoration may last up to 30 years
  • A few days after the procedure you might feel some discomfort and soreness in your mouth, which can be managed with pain medication
  • For the first days after the procedure try to avoid solid food, hot and cold drinks
  • Remember to regularly visit your dentist to keep a healthy mouth 

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