Zirconium Crown Metal Free

6 or more Zirconium Crowns for £350 a piece

Broken or damaged teeth can be repaired with CROWNS this involves a new tooth (crown) being fitted over the broken or damaged tooth. If more than one tooth is missing a BRIDGE can be fitted to your own teeth or implants.

Dental Crowns are used to create a great smile and to help with the chewing function. 

BridgeThe zirconium based crowns are the most commonly used crowns in modern aesthetic dentistry.

Zirconium is a ceramic, which has the following advantages:

  • Zirconium-crowns are aesthetically pleasing and extremely precise
  • Longlasting lifetime
  • Zirconium-crowns are constructed without any metals. This can be an advantage if you suffer from specific allergies
  • Light can penetrate these crowns giving them a natural look

The price includes:

  • the treatment,
  • the crowns,
  • the free mouth cleaning and polishing
  • free airport transfer.

Plus the price contains a guide who will be with you for all your stay. He will wait for you in front of your accommodation, will go with you to the clinic and back and will help you with everything you need for all your stay.

About the worktime:

For example, if you come on one Sunday we can start the work on Monday morning and we can finish it on Friday late afternoon, early evening and you can go home on Saturday when you want. This is only one example. Of course, it is better for you we start the work for example on one Wednesday and finish it on Tuesday...


In the case of 6 or more pieces of zirconium crowns, one crown is  £350 if you pay with bank transfer or £330 if you pay with cash.

This year because of this situation ( COVID), we introduced a discount. If somebody can come this year, one zirconium crown would be £325 if you pay with bank transfer or £305 if you pay with cash.

To find out more details please submit a quote request and we will get back with a reply immediately. 


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