Veneers cost

Of all the dental treatments, dental veneers are often the ideal aesthetic solution to compensate for worn enamel, correct a slight misalignment, fill in an excessive interdental space, or hide imperfections or cracks in your teeth.

Are you suitable for having dental veneers?
In order to determine whether they are suitable for you, it is necessary to determine the condition of your teeth and your general oral health, a consultation is necessary for one of our dental clinics.

Dental treatment, the placement of dental veneers or dental facets
During your consultation at our clinic, you will participate actively with your dentist to perfect the “smile design” process by sharing your preferences regarding the veneers’ shape, length, width, and color, as well as the effect you expect them to have.

This will reassure you that the process of placing them meets your expectations. It is important to talk to the dentist so that he/she can understand your objectives.

Duration and maintenance
Veneers are long-lasting and are placed so that they last for many years before needing to be replaced. Like your natural teeth, it is important to maintain perfect oral hygiene to ensure their durability.

Veneers private dental charges:

  • Direct veneer - 235 EUR
  • E-Max Veneer - 550 EUR



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