All on 4

® Zinedent (Straumann Group) Dental Implants + Temporary Denture

All on 4 Dental Implants are used for full arch restorations for patients with severely damaged, decayed teeth and suffering from multiple teeth and jaw bone losses. 

Your Treatment Can Be Completed In 5 Days

All-on-4 Treatment Explained

All-on-4 uses dental implants to support a full set of teeth on a jaw. A dental implant is a screw-like device, typically made from titanium, that can be surgically inserted into the jaw. Once drilled into the jaw, the implant subsequently fuses with the surrounding bone tissue. Then, it can act as the root of a tooth.

If you are just getting a dental implant, one implant would be fitted to a single crown to make up an artificial tooth. But the All-on-4 procedure makes it possible to support 10 to 12 teeth in a single jawline just on four implants.

The implants are inserted in the front and the back at an angle. Then the dentist fixes dental bridges or dentures to the implants, so the patient can replace all missing teeth on a jawline. The implants here act as anchors for the teeth.

The process needs 4 dental implants per jaw. So it would be 8 total implants to restore a full smile on upper and lower jaws.

This procedure can be performed even if the back jaw lacks bone density. It takes advantage of the bone density in the front jaw to support dentures or bridges. The implants are placed at an angle to avoid sinus glands in the back.

The all-on-4 procedure requires the same daycare to have the implants inserted without delays in between. Once the implants are put in, the patients would need to recover a minimum of 3 months before the dental bridges or dentures are fixed.


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