Special Needs Dentistry For Kids and Teens

Pediatric dental care you can trust for your child or teenager

Children and adults with special health care needs will benefit from seeing our dentist with specific training to cater to these needs. People with special health care needs may have a physical, developmental, emotional, mental, or sensory impairment or may be affected by an oral-facial disorder or another condition.

Our dental office has experience in treating children with a wide range of needs, and we find helping them extremely rewarding. We can help children who have conditions that include:

Cerebral palsy


Down’s syndrome


Learning and developmental disabilities

Vision and hearing issues

Oral-facial conditions like cleft palate

Our pediatric dentists have received additional training in helping kids with special needs, and we understand the wide range of issues these children can face and how best to accommodate and help them. Our training helps us understand disabilities and the behaviors that accompany them, and we treat our special needs patients with care and compassion using advanced behavioral techniques to help them feel more comfortable and relaxed.

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