Cavities, Caries Treatment

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Cavities (or caries) treatment by your pediatric dentist in Brooklyn is always better performed sooner rather than later. Kids’ cavity treatment by a toddler dentist in Brooklyn is safe and painless. With training in child tooth cavity treatment, a special needs pediatric dentist knows how to deliver treatment so that your kids don’t feel pain or fear the dentist. Most importantly, the our pediatric dentist sets up your kids for a lifetime of good oral healthcare.

If your children’s dentist in Brooklyn finds signs of tooth decay in your child’s teeth, cavities/caries treatment is the next step.

Child cavity treatment is very similar to cavity treatment for adults, which as you should know, needs to be done as soon as possible to prevent further complications.

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

Dr. Khabensky DDS and Dr. Kim DDS might suggest applications of silver diamine fluoride if we feel your child is more at risk of developing tooth decay. Silver diamine fluoride or SDF is an alternative dental caries and tooth decay treatment. We might use this new pediatric dentistry treatment as a preventive measure, applying it to healthy tooth surfaces.

Caries, another term for cavities, must be addressed even if it seems that child cavity treatment is a waste since they’re going to lose those baby teeth anyway.

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