Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal treatment is also called endodontic therapy and involves treating the pulp of a tooth. The pulp is located in the center of the tooth and contains the nerves and blood vessels that supply essential nutrients and oxygen to the growing tooth. If the pulp becomes inflamed or injured or is infected, endodontic treatment helps to save the tooth, removing the inflamed pulp so the tooth can be restored. Many adults are already familiar with the idea of root canal treatment or therapy, but in pediatric dentistry this treatment can also be useful for saving children’s teeth.

Wherever possible, Dr. Khabensky DDS and Dr. Kim DDS prefer to try to save baby teeth, so they remain in place until adult teeth erupt. We only suggest removing a baby tooth if the dental pulp is severely infected or too badly damaged to save. If the surrounding gum or bone is affected by an infection, our dentists advise that removal might be the best option as well.

When Would My Child Need A Pediatric Root Canal?

Your child might need a kid’s root canal treatment if they develop pain in a tooth for no apparent reason. Other symptoms include having a tooth that is very sensitive to temperature changes and which could make it uncomfortable or even painful for your child to eat hot or cold foods. If your child breaks a tooth, it can expose the pulp, so it becomes inflamed or infected by bacteria naturally present in the mouth.

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