Bone Regeneration

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Bone Regeneration and Bone Grafts are complementary techniques to the installation of Dental Implants, guaranteeing the effectiveness of the treatment

Many times after an extraction the implant cannot be performed immediately. In these cases, the space left by the tooth must be filled with a graft, avoiding and minimizing bone loss. The bone graft can be of various types (alloplastic, Allogeneic, xenogeneic).

Bone Grafts and Bone Regeneration
One of the fundamental requirements for the installation of  Osseointegrated Implants is bone availability. This refers to the amount and shape of the bone where the artificial titanium root will be placed, as a general rule we need a minimum of 10 mm in height and 5 mm in width for an implant to be successful. If there is less, the missing bone has to be created. This is done through complementary techniques to the installation of Implants, which are bone grafts and bone regeneration.

It is obtained from some part of the patient's body
It is derived from another human being different from the patient receiving the bone
It is obtained from a species other than human beings, such as cattle

It is artificial bone generally created from calcium phosphates 

Why can bone be missing where to install the Implants?     
After tooth extraction, the bone around the root gradually begins to lose. This is called residual ridge bone resorption. The degree of bone loss can be aggravated by the use of removable prostheses that rest on the mucosa, producing additional pressure on the underlying bone.

The  Periodontal (gum problems) disease, can also produce an advanced bone loss, leading to regenerate bone to install the implants.
Another cause of bone loss is tooth loss due to trauma, which often leads to bone fracture, generating a defect that will have to be rebuilt.


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