TAV Silhouette and Sirius dental implant


Alverna Dental Studio is prepared to cope with any demand and exigencies. This self-confidence is given by the working experience some of our colleagues acquired in the United States of America and by the many satisfied patients living abroad that we have already treated here. The great advantage of the services provided by us is that most of the time are superior to similar treatment provided in most developed countries.

On top of professional considerations, patients coming from abroad end up spending considerable (at least 5-6 times) less than in their home country. Moreover, part of the expenses (including travel expenses) with the medical treatments can be reimbursed by the Health Insurance Company with which they have concluded insurance policies.

When we are deprived of the existence of one or more teeth, it can be unpleasant for several reasons: aesthetic practice – of mastication, psychological, etc.

Toothless of a single tooth or multiple teeth can be solved with dental implants without affecting neighboring teeth. Implant surgery is not complicated, being almost painless, with easily predicted results. Dental implant results are the best when careful preparations are done.

It was not until recently that a more complex operation would have implied a mobile prosthesis.


Nowadays, thanks to scientific advances, they can be addressed and solved with dental implants, zirconia bridges on the implants. These works are aesthetic, comfortable and easily accepted.

In implantology, the preparation operation is of great importance. The aseptic technique consists of a specific set of procedures and protocols, made under controlled conditions to minimize the risk of contamination with pathogens.

An important principle is that no unsterile object should come in contact with sterile surgical areas or with an open wound. Also, any used medical device should be discarded or decontaminated by the reprocessing protocols.


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