MIS Seven & M4 dental implant


Talking in philosophical terms, we are often asking ourselves why we do what we are doing, what is the drive behind hard work and long hours at the office, why are we aiming our telescopes boldly towards the sky with its overwhelming number of stars, where is our constant need for beauty and purity coming from?

After a thoughtful thought, we reach only one possible logical answer: our need as human beings to reach perfection, or at least to be as close as possible to the state of perfection.

Having that said we believe that in our business – dentistry, at the end of the day, our personal drive and energy are provided by the smile of our satisfied patients. That, and knowing we are supported by thorough professionals, state of the art technology, the best available materials, and avant-gardist working techniques, make us honestly believe (with no fake modesty) that we are seriously approaching perfection.

Dentistry is not only fillings, extractions, and implants. Dentistry is a fortunate mix of human anatomy, art, and exact sciences.

When we are deprived of the existence of one or more teeth, it can be unpleasant for several reasons: aesthetic practice – of mastication, psychological, etc.

Toothless of a single tooth or multiple teeth can be solved with dental implants without affecting neighboring teeth. Implant surgery is not complicated, being almost painless, with easily predicted results. Dental implant results are the best when careful preparations are done.

It was not until recently that a more complex operation would have implied a mobile prosthesis.

Nowadays, thanks to scientific advances, they can be addressed and solved with dental implants, zirconia bridges on the implants. These works are aesthetic, comfortable and easily accepted.

In implantology, the preparation operation is of great importance. The aseptic technique consists of a specific set of procedures and protocols, made under controlled conditions in order to minimize the risk of contamination with pathogens.

An important principle is that no unsterile object should come in contact with sterile surgical areas or with an open wound. Also, any used medical device should be discarded or decontaminated in accordance with the reprocessing protocols.


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