3-on-6 Zirconia Upgrade Package

Upgrade for your Hybrid All-on-6 with the new 3-on-6 Porcelain Zirconia

*** (OPTIONAL 3-on-6 ZIRCONIA UPGRADE) WOULD YOU CONSIDER A ZIRCONIA BRIDGE UPGRADE? - Should you choose to upgrade your All-on-6 Hybrid Acrylic Prosthetics to a 3-on-6 Zirconia Bridge at a later point, perhaps within a judicious timeframe of 4 months post-implant healing or even in subsequent years, we're here to assist.

By getting in touch with us, we can seamlessly organize a second trip to implement a pristine set of Zirconia Bridge onto the existing 6 Implants from your initial All-on-6 Hybrid procedure. This 3-on-6 Zirconia Bridge upgrade, available for your UPPER and LOWER arches already with the hybrid prosthesis, entails an additional investment of $9,000.


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