Smile Makeover In 3 Days

Smile Infinity Computerized Digital Dentistry Done in 2 Sessions with NO PAIN, No Drilling, No Anesthesia.

Smile Infinity Computerized dentistry veneers, a New High-End Patent Trademark of computerized cosmetic dentistry.
The technique is simple, we need generally 2 sessions: we take an impression for your natural teeth (without drilling), done at our Smile Infinity ISO lab, then after 3 to 5 days only we do the placement of these very high-quality aesthetic veneers.
Smile infinity veneers can be made as thin as (0.3mm) while being very resistant, of 30% more resistant than any other Hollywood smile technique.
Our dental specialists design every case individually depending on the shape and shade of the normal teeth, the shape of the lips and face and the preference of the patient, to attain a perfectly natural result.
Smile infinity provides a certificate for every patient who opt for a smile makeover as well as a 5 International years’ warranty.

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