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Dental implant treatment is made with constructions of titanium in the form of a screw or root used in cases with missing teeth, implanted within the jaws with the purpose of ensuring the healing of the bone around this construction and accept it as a part of its own. It is the most health and reliable method used in dentistry for single or multiple missing teeth. It can be applied to everyone with sufficient amount of bone. Implanting can be carried out after bone grafting in cases without sufficient amount of bone.Implant treatment has two stages. The first stage is the placement of the implant within the jaw. This procedure will be carried out under local anesthesia. The procedure will take between 10 minutes to 30 minutes. This period can increase depending on the number of implants and jaw of the patient. You must see your dentist on the day after the operation. Your stitches will be removed one week later. A period of 2 to 4 months will be required for the adaptation of the screw to the bone. This adaptation period depends on the implant being constructed for the upper or lower jaw. After this, the treatment will be completed with the crown or prosthesis that will be placed on the implant, which is the second stage.Since the implant treatment will be carried out under local anesthesia, patient will feel nothing during the procedure. Pain will appear after the effect of the anesthesia will become to wear off after the operation. However, pain will disappear if the painkillers recommended by the dentist are taken. Application of ice packs on the operation area after the operation will prevent swelling and bruising. The patient will encounter no difficulties if the precautions are complied with. Feedbacks from patients who had received implant treatment indicate that implant operation is easier than extraction, and pain following the wearing of anesthesia is similar to the pain after extraction.

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