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Porcelain Dental Fillings in Brooklyn, NY

Dental fillings don’t have to cause tooth pain, regardless of if you are using mercury or porcelain materials. When you visit a painless general dentist in Brooklyn, NY we make sure you feel comfortable. Our best family dentist ensures that you won’t have to ask, “Are tooth fillings painful?” because she anticipates your concerns at every visit. Come see the cosmetic dentistry in Broadway and meet the top-rated dentist Dr. Dekhtyar.

What Is a Tooth Filling?

Cavity dental fillings are used to restore damaged or decaying teeth, such as cavities. There are many different materials used in Brooklyn. The type of material used is determined by how much damage the tooth has, allergies, where the tooth is, and how much you’re able to pay.

Two of the most common dental tooth-filling materials are:

When Is Dental Filling Necessary?

A cavity filling is an effective treatment for various dental issues. It can also take care of some dental fractures or cracked teeth. The bonding or filling material used is capable of repairing holes and cracks.

Other reasons you may require a tooth-filling procedure include:
A broken tooth;
An accident in which you hit your jaw or tooth;
Certain medications that negatively affect your teeth;
Dry mouth that limits bacteria-fighting salvia.

Keep in mind that if a cavity is caught in the early stages, tooth fillings can manage the problem without any issues. Because tooth pain tends to come and go, the cause of that pain never goes away until you take steps to resolve it.

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