Mode® Dental Implant + Abudment


Dental Implants in Turkey and How Long Does It Take?

Generally speaking, if you are in good health, you can undergo dental implant surgery. It is only in very rare cases like oral cancer or severe diabetes or severe bone loss that some patients are discouraged from getting implants. Premium Dental Turkey clinicians would first run an assessment to make sure the implant surgery is suitable for your existing medical condition. Once you are ready to receive the implants, the treatment only takes two visits to complete. Your dentist will place the dental implant during your first visit. Then, following a mandatory 3-month healing period, the porcelain crown will be fitted. The wait time is necessary to allow the implants to fuse to your jawbone.

Mode Dental Implants Turkey

The mode is one of the best-known dental implant brands in the word. Mode offers effective and varied implant products that suit a number of dental conditions and treatment options. There are several series of implants offered by Mode, including RAPID, MINI, and LEVEL uni-pack products. The brand also offers OCTAFIT Internal Conical Connection System full-pack implants befitting the unique bone and tissue structure of each individual patient.Mode implants are completely free of oils. The brand’s products are made only with pure water, thus eliminating various industrial contaminants in implants. Mode implants do not require acid cleaning as a result.



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