In-Office Teeth Whitening with 40% Hydrogen Peroxide

American Specifications. Recommended choice for getting your teeth to be the whitest that they can be.


The American specifications version uses 40% hydrogen peroxide which is the strongest strength available for use in America.

40% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel is applied directly on your teeth utilizing a cheek retractor, gingival blocker and Whitening Accelerator Light for up to 1 hour. Also includes an Aftercare Teeth Whitening Maintenance Kit to keep your teeth white.


You will receive an overview of the process.

We will use the teeth shade guide to determine your before shade.

We create a custom whitening treatment based on your needs and will help you achieve the best results with minimal to no discomfort.

We turn on the state of the art Beyond White  Command light and let the whitening begin.


We use uniquely formulated 40% hydrogen peroxide gel that ensures fast, easy results. The bleaching effect is achieved immediately all while minimizing sensitivity and maximizing client comfort.  MADE IN THE USA


We use professional series Beyond Dental and Health Command whitening accelerator lights. 

Specifications: Broad Spectrum:390nm~490nm 

(Over 90% output contributed from 440nm~490nm) 


To ensure the best results, The Perfect Ten team consists only of professionally trained and insured teeth whitening specialists.

Perfect Ten Smile

It's that easy. After the process, we measure your results on the teeth shade guide and send you on your way to enjoy and show off your new Perfect Ten Smile.


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