Treatment takes usually from 3 to 7 days (depends on each case)

More than 20 million people worldwide have received stem cell therapy for diabetes, and this number continues to grow every year. Doctors around the world are busy debating whether diabetes is curable. And while they debate, stem cells are already helping millions of patients to regain their health. Easier management of type 2 diabetes is possible!

ilaya’s treatment for type 2 diabetes can significantly reduce the amount of insulin you need or – in some cases – completely eliminate your dependence on insulin. Stop Your dependence on insulin and enjoy the full flavor of life again!



  • Medical evaluation and consultation;
  • Pre - and post-treatment examinations;
  • Stem cell treatment with Adult Stem Cells, not less than 80-100M od stem cells;
  • Medical service (including medication if needed & special massages, hospital stay in a single room);
  • Special nutrition plan;
  • Medical reports;
  • Follow up after treatment;
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