LV Platinum LASIK

78,000 Baht for both eyes

LV Platinum LASIK -- can measure your eyes' the unique combination of lower and higher-order aberrations to create a custom Wavefront map.

The Wavefront map is transferred to the Excimer Laser to design a unique profile for your treatment. Your cornea is then precisely reshaped using a Multi-dimensional beam delivery system input with pre-calculated data from the Wavefront map. In addition, LV Platinum LASIK utilizes sophisticated Multi-dimensional eye tracking to detect the positional changes of the eyes, enabling us to deliver the highest quality and most accurate treatment.

Our most recent technology in LASIK is LV Signature Femto-LASIK, by the operating of LDV Femtosecond Laser Machine making all the LASIK procedure blade-free
with higher accuracy and more safety treatment.

The LASIK innovative technology procedure takes only 15 minute per eye and the process is:

  • The procedure starts with a topical anesthetic eye drop to anesthetize the cornea, 15-20 minutes prior to the operation. During this period our refractive surgery specialist will explain each step.
  • The patient will then moves and lie down horizontally under the laser. The eye area is then cleansed with an antibiotic solution
  •  An eye speculum is put into the eye to remove any worry about blinking.
  •  The surgeon applies some suctions to the surface of your eye-you will feel slight sensation of pressure. Then, the superficial cornea is separated into two layers, using a delicate instrument called “microkeratome”; leaving small attaching hinges to facilitate the repositioning (like a door of window with hinge).
  • The flap that is created is then gently lifted. Using the excimer laser to reshape the cornea.
  •  For near-sightedness, the central corneal curvature is decreased.
  • For farsightedness, the central corneal curvature is increased.

The Eye Examination

To provide you with the best care, we would like to recommend a visit with us for a complete eyes examination first
to determines the best solution for your treatments.

The eye examination costs        1,500 baht

The process takes approximately 3 hours and includes;

  • à Refractive Measurement Before and After Pupil Dilatation
  • à Intraocular Pressure Measurements
  • à Corneal Curvature and Thickness Measurement
  • à High Order Aberration Measurement
  • à Overall Eye Health.

After the examination completed, you can discuss with the doctor about the chance of your success. In case you are eligible for surgery,
 a one-day surgery can be done by having an examination in the morning and the surgery in the afternoon.
We would like to recommend International Patient to stay in Bangkok at least 1 week for postoperative check-up 1 day and 1 week.
We will give you a medical certification afterward for a further check-up at your local residential care.

Please note that you can do any activity as normal but be sure not to let water or dust enter your eyes and always use the eye drops as prescribed.

Preparation for complete eyes examination

  • Remove Contact lens at least 7 days before the examination (Hard contact lens)
  • Remove Contact lens at least 3 days before the examination (Soft contact lens)
  • Be accompanied. Do not drive by yourself because your pupil will be dilated for examination and will last approximately 4-6 hours causing blurred vision.
  • Due to the dilation, you might feel light sensitivity please bring sunglasses.

In case you make a decision to have surgery on the same day please prepare.

4.  Wash your hair and bath, wear loose or comfortable clothing

5. Do not wear any perfume or body sprays that contain alcohol because it may affect the Laser system

6. Bring your own Anti-HIV blood test or it can be done at our CENTER which has a fee of 300 Baht. (The result valid for 3 months)



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