IVF with the use of donor’s oocytes

(min 2 blastocysts is guaranteed) with medications for recipient

A unique feature of this package is that part of the procedure is performed remotely. You will undergo a preliminary check-up at a place of your convenience and send the results back to us.

 These programs include:

  • the assistance of coordinator before treatment;
  • transfer from the airport;
  • consultation with a fertility specialist and evaluation of all medical information;
  • personalized treatment plan and custom stimulation protocol;
  • modification of plan depending on the response to stimulation (if needed);
  • donor compensation;
  • egg retrieval;
  • fertilization of an egg;
  • embryo transfer;
  • vitrification and storage of remained embryos;
  • embryology assessment report.

The program may include a PGS NGS study to identify possible embryonic problems before the onset of pregnancy. This method allows the detection of chromosomal pathologies in the embryo at the DNA level with an accuracy of 99.9%.

The package includes all required medications to induce the donor’s ovulation and carry out ICSI.


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