In Vitro ESTRELLA BASIC With Egg Donation

Infertility treatment program IVF WITH VITRIFIED DONOR OOCYTES ESTRELLA BASIC (5 oocytes, 2 blastocysts guaranteed)

Treatment process and what it includes.

  • initial consultation with a fertility specialist (a personal doctor and coordinator who will be monitoring your treatment at all its stages);
  • individual consultation on vitrified donor oocyte selection;
  • ultrasound monitoring of the recipient;
  • framing an individual treatment plan;
  • thawing of vitrified oocytes (5 oocytes guaranteed);
  • compensation for the oocyte donation;
  • semen analysis and sperm preparation;
  • sperm vitrification;
  • sperm cryopreservation (6 months);
  • ICSI;
  • cultivation of embryos (1-5 days);
  • assisted hatching;
  • the recipient’s endometrial lining stimulation with medications;
  • embryo transfer;
  • a set of medications for the IVF WITH VITRIFIED DONOR OOCYTES treatment scheme (as prescribed by the fertility specialist in every specific case);
  • information support during and after the treatment.

Price starts at € 4,985


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