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Dental plates or dental veneers are a good method of correcting the shape of teeth, length, width, color, and placement. Veneers can help in developing a beautiful and natural smile for a longer time.

Contemporary dental plates are practically impossible to distinguish from real teeth.

Restoration of teeth with the help of veneers is a good solution in cases where personal teeth have lost their natural attraction (they are not as white as the patient wishes or spaces have developed between the teeth, the shape of the teeth is unsatisfactory, their surface quality or restorations are unsatisfactory). The round-the-clock service Dental Office of Dr. Jūlija Katkeviča offers not only classical dental veneers but also so-called “non-prep” veneers or lumineers. The polishing of teeth is not required for the production of these veneers.

The entire process takes 1 to 2 weeks on average and is completed within 2 – 3 visits. All teeth must be treated and a dental hygienist must be visited prior to the application of the prosthesis. After the consultation, the dentist polishes the teeth, takes impressions, models additional veneers, and cements them. The dentist shall agree on the color and shape of the plates together with the patient to prevent them from standing out on the background of natural teeth.

In the event of veneers, the tooth is polished only slightly, in contrast to crowns.

A veneer covers the external surface of the tooth, partially the sides, and only slightly – the interior of the tooth. Ceramic plates are produced at the technical dental laboratory, which will later be fitted to the patient. If during the fitting, the plates are satisfactory to the patient and suit their teeth, the veneers are covered with glazing that will add shine to the ceramic. During the next visit, the veneers will be fixed to the teeth of the patient by using a special dental veneer. The principal difference between lumineers and classical dental veneers lies in their thickness. Lumineers are two times thinner than regular plates, the manufacturing of lumineers does not require polishing of natural teeth, however, their use is limited by several factors.

Veneers Dental Charges:

  • Acrylic veneer -160€
  • Ceramic veneer - 360€

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