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Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine: Our "Premium Elite" packages are aimed to safeguard you from the following possible financial risks, medical hazards, or complications that could occur during the journey:

  • Failure to retrieve the required number of oocytes or poor quality of biometrical material received during puncture
  • Inferior quality of embryos received after cultivation that is not adequate for transfer
  • A new cycle of IVF and ICSI is needed, or an oocyte donor is required
  • No pregnancy
  • Lack of embryonic development
  • Miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion during pregnancy
  • In the event of any of the aforementioned challenges, the program renews without extra charges. All the risks are covered by the program

Price starts with EUR 49900


  • Complimentary primary consultation by Ambassador of the Program
  • The initial introduction of Programs and Selection of Clinic
  • Complete preparation of IP’s documents, translation services
  • Legal counseling, signing of the contract between agency and IP


  • Individual Transfers (to/from the airport/accommodation/ clinic/notary office)
  • Mobile phone with a local number and 4G internet connection
  • Comfortable accommodation in Kyiv (2 nights)
  • Coordination of and assistance in clinic and notary office. Translation and interpretation services
  • Legal counseling + Notary services (Contract with surrogate mother, power of attorney)
  • Individual consultation with a fertility doctor; signing of all required documents
  • Sperm sampling, vitrification, semen analysis
  • Storage of biomaterial (1 year)


  • Oocyte/ sperm donor matching and medical screening for infections and genetic abnormalities
  • Individual ovarian stimulation, hormonal medications for an egg donor, control of follicle growth (1 own eggs+ 3 donor oocytes)
  • Medication and diagnostics for stimulation
  • Follicular puncture for egg retrieval under general anesthesia (4 attempts)
  • Oocyte in vitro fertilization (IVF) + Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), embryo cultivation (4 attempts)
  • Embryo cryopreservation with vitrification technique (up to 10 embryos), storage (1 year)
  • Transfer of the healthy embryo (s) after cryopreservation to the uterus of the surrogate mother (4 attempts)
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD test) for 5 chromosomes (up to 10 embryos), sex selection

Extra Options

  •     Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD test) for 9 chromosomes (up to 10 embryos), sex selection - 1300 EUR
  •     Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD test) for 24 chromosomes (up to 10 embryos), sex selection - 2400 EUR


  • Surrogate mother matching
  • Psychological and medical evaluation of SM
  • Legal counseling (contract with Surrogate mother)
  • Notarization of agreement with the surrogate, notarial powers of attorney (free replacement)
  • Preparation, stimulation of SM for embryo transfer (ET) including all required medicine (Unlimited)
  • Reduction with full medical support (clients' choice) - 600 EUR
  • Tests: urinary test on day 11 after the transfer, HCG on day 14 after the transfer, Ultrasound on day 28 after transfer
  • Individual medical check-ups by fertility doctor in our clinic
  • Reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses to Surrogate mother (Unlimited)


  • All necessary medications, prenatal and natal care, including all diagnostics and tests to ensure a successful and healthy pregnancy
  • Obligatory medical check-ups, diagnostics, and consultations with assigned doctor/ doctors throughout the entire pregnancy
  • Medical support, consultations, and hospitalization for a surrogate mother if needed or recommended by the doctor
  • Required monthly medical reports: transfer protocol, test results, analyses, and their translations
  • Psychological support of surrogate mother by a dedicated manager
  • Coverage of travel, food, and clothing expenses for surrogate mother
  • Accommodations for surrogate mother in Kyiv from the 6th month of pregnancy


  • Individual transfers (to/from the airport/accommodation)
  • Mobile phone with a local number and 4G internet connection
  • Comfortable accommodation in Kyiv - Up to 60 days
  • Organization, coordination and full support of childbirth process
  • Admission of Surrogate mother to state maternity hospitals
  • Private consultations at maternity hospital by dedicated doctor
  • Accommodation for Intended Parents in the maternity hospital - Included, 3 nights, VIP room
  • Procurement of all items necessary for childbirth - By cheque
  • Official discharge from the maternity hospital
  • Individual support and consultations by Ambassador of the program
  • Final settlements for surrogate mother
  • Fluorography for biological parents to meet the requirements of their stay in the maternity hospital
  • Translation for biological parents in the maternity hospital


  • Private consultation with a pediatrician
  • Diapers, underwear, clothes, and supplies for a newborn baby (upon request at extra cost) - by cheque
  • Baths, cribs, weighing scales, strollers, etc. (upon request at extra cost) - by cheque
  • Household items (upon request) - by cheque
  • Individual support and consultations by Ambassador of the program


  • Legal assistance and counseling in Ukraine
  • Preparation of all registration documents for the newborn (notarized agreements and apostilization/legalization of documents)
  • Ensuring SM visits to the embassy/consulate upon request
  • Transportation to the airport
  •  Translation services for Intended Parents when needed


  • 1st stage (upon signing the contract) - 15 000 EUR
  • 2nd stage (upon confirmation of pregnancy) - 9  000 EUR
  • 3rd stage (3 months of pregnancy) - 8 000 EUR
  • 4th stage (6 months of pregnancy) - 8 000 EUR
  • 5th stage (after the birth of a child) - 8 000 EUR
  • 6th stage (Upon receipt of documents for the embassy) - 1 900 EUR



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