Successful Program

IVF with donor eggs from database of our clinic and genetic testing of embryos and 3 attempts of embryo transfer


  • all medical consultations and prescriptions;
  • ultrasounds and monitoring for female patient and egg donor during preparation to IVF;
  • all consultations and procedures for male patient;
  • preparation of endometrium of female patient;
  • medical tests for egg donor, including genetics;
  • stimulation protocol and medicines for egg donor to ensure maximum eggs quantity for fertilization
  • eggs retrieval;
  • fertilization of eggs and cultivation of embryos;
  • ICSI and laser assisted hatching;
  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnostics to test 9 chromosomes;
  • embryos vitrification;
  • cryopreservation of embryos
  • 3 attempts of embryo transfer;

Does NOT include:

  • medical tests for male and female patients;
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