In Vitro Fertilization treatment with Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy

Step 1. Inquiry

Contact us through our website or email. Get a free video call with Dr. Nezih Durmazlar who will discuss with you all the available options, success rates, preliminary treatment plans, and full pricing. The conversation will last according to the patient's history and needs, which may last at least one hour.

Step 2. Pre-Treatment

According to the couples, past history, relevant blood tests, and diagnostic procedures will be requested and discussed with Dr. Nezih Durmazlar. Get the necessary documentation and a detailed schedule of the follow-up and treatment.

Step 3. Follow up

Get instructions for the following steps and the list of medical tests and examinations recommended. Depending on the patient's location we can make an arrangement for collaborative follow-up with the head doctor through video calls.

Step 4. Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (first part)

According to the relevant schedule specifically designed for the couple treatment will be started with the first 3 days of menstruation. During menstruation in the first visit, the patient will have an ultrasound and blood work. If those results are fine, she will start taking the subcutaneous medication for 5-8 days (with transvaginal ultrasound and blood work every 2-3 days).

Step 5. Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (second part)

The couple arrives in Ankara, Turkey, and stays for 8-10 days. In that period, visits the clinic 1-2 times and meets Dr. Durmazlar in person. The husband will give the sperm.
If needed eventual sperm vitrification is done. Discussion of the treatment plan. Signing consent forms and agreements. Payment. The male partner can fly back home one day after oocyte collection.

Step 6. Egg retrieval & embryo development (5 days)

IVF/ICSI. Embryo development until blastocyst stage.

Step 7. Embryo biopsy

According to patients' clinical needs, blastocyst biopsy is generally performed on the 5th day of embryo development.
There are two options available:
1. Embryo biopsy for PGT-A and vitrification.
2. Embryo biopsy for PGT-A (fast lab results approx. 8 hours the same day), and fresh transfer.

Option 1. Frozen embryo transfer protocol. The results are discussed with patients over a video call. It is usually launched 4 weeks after the egg retrieval. Hormone replacement therapy starts on day 2 of the cycle, after having an ultrasound and blood work. Oral estrogens are taken for 7-10 days. Then, the second ultrasound and bloodwork confirm that the endometrium is ready. Five days before the embryo transfer, the patient starts with progesterone (vaginal or intramuscular). The female partner arrives at the clinic for the frozen embryo transfer. The female partner flies back home.

Option 2.Fresh Embryo transfer. The results are discussed with patients in person. Embryo transfer is performed fresh. It takes just 30-60 minutes. The female patient flies back home after the embryo transfer.

Step 8. Pregnancy result

On day 9 after the embryo transfer, the patient has an HCG test.



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