Stem cell treatment of lower limb ischemia

Critical lower limb ischemia is a state of almost complete cessation of arterial blood flow to the tissues of lower limbs.

“Our main task in the treatment of patients with critical lower limb ischemia is an improvement of microcirculation and tissue trophism in the affected limbs. In this case, the use of stem cells in the only safe and efficient option of treatment, which allows avoiding amputation”, ‒ Nikolai Sokolov, Chief Medical Officer of the Institute of Cell Therapy.

The unique technology of treatment of critical lower limb ischemia at the Institute of Cell Therapy provides for the systemic and local injection of stem cells, which gives the following results:

  • growth of the new network of collateral vessels
  • restoration of blood flow to the distal part of the affected limbs
  • improvement of microcirculation in the tissues of the lower extremities
  • a significant reduction of pain syndrome
  • healing and prevention of trophic ulcers and wounds
  • immunomodulating effect
  • elongation of the distance the patient is able to walk without stopping

The treatment mode with stem cell injection under critical lower limb ischemia has been proven to be the most effective way to repair vessels and blood supply, which results in significant improvement in the quality of patient's life.

The treatment program is designed for 5 days and includes:
•    Medical consultation and examination of your physician
•    Laboratory testing
•    Intravenous administration of stem cells.
•    Treatment procedures: intravenous infusion of hepatoprotective, antioxidants and vitamins
•    Drugs and supplements depending on the patient’s condition and diagnosis.
•    Injections of placenta extract.
•    Manual treatments, cosmetology procedures, including masks with the placenta.

We are also ready to provide patients with the following services, included in the cost of the treatment program:
•    Treatment and all related services
•    3 meals daily in the clinic
•    Airport-clinic/hotel-airport transfer
•    Interpreter services in the clinic
•    Visa support


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