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What Are the Symptoms of Fibroids?

Some women experience insignificant or no symptoms at all with the development of fibroids. In others, fibroids may cause pain and sharp cramps in your lower abdomen and back. Various conditions and their severity also depend on how long you wait to get uterine fibroids treatment.

Fibroids range in size from tiny, approximately one millimeter, to 20 centimeters in size or greater. Sometimes, multiple fibroids form a cluster and turn into bulky masses that cause the uterus to expand.
Symptoms may differ in severity, but generally include:

  • Heavy menstrual flow. Your period is heavy with abnormally large amounts of blood flow. It can last for seven days or longer as well.
  • Bladder problems. Some women experience difficulty emptying their bladder or feel pain when urinating when fibroids are present in the uterus. Because of the pressure on the bladder, others report frequent urination.
  • Fibroids weight gain. Growing fibroids increase in size and weight and sometimes lead to significant rapid weight gain. Bloating also contributes to excess weight.
  • Pelvic pain. Severe cramping and pressure in the pelvis, lower back and legs may be present if fibroids have inflamed the uterus, which also often causes pain during sex

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