Eye Laser Surgery in Turkey With Net Goz Clinic

For those who want to treat Myopia, Astigmatism, Hyperopia, or Presbyopia and look for innovative eye care surgeries we have asked  Net Goz Clinic how they use their innovative methods like ReLEx Smile and Laser Presbyond to get better results.

We asked Sezgin Aydın that is a representative of Net Goz Clinic on MedicalTourism.Review the platform to tell us more about their alternatives to Lasik treatments.

Hello, my name is Sezgin Aydın. I manage the International Patient Services department with my co-workers and I am responsible for finding possible patients with or without health travel agencies who need treatment abroad or who want to get rid of eyeglasses. Also, I am attending conferences, fairs to promote our technology all around the world.


Who Are Net Goz Eye Surgery Clinic?

Net Goz Clinic
Net Goz Eye Surgery Clinic is a boutique refractive eye surgery clinic that offers the latest state-of-art Carl Zeiss eye laser technology for its local and foreign patients. The second generation of the Turkish family took over the Net Goz Clinic in 2005 from the first generation of eye surgeons from their family and has helped more than 150.000 patients to get rid of eyeglasses with laser operations and intraocular lens exchange operations.

What are the benefits to do eye surgery in Turkey?

Our doctors are experienced in every aspect of eye surgery. Our doctors are famous all over Turkey and our patient satisfaction rate is near perfect. Our surgeons have completed their specialism in Western Europe.
Our facility has the latest eye laser technology ReLEx Smile which enables us to help our patients who want to get rid of eyeglasses without creating a flap as they used to do with the famous Lasik surgery. With our German Carl Zeiss devices, VisuMax and Mel 90, we can also operate femtosecond laser cataract and femtosecond laser Lasik, Lasek, and Laser Presbyond operations.
Our facility has passed every control and investment happened since it has been established. Our doctors are innovating laser eye surgery with the Carl Zeiss firm. Net Goz Eye Surgery Clinic is also certificated by ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificate.

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ReLEX Smile for what conditions is recommended and most effective as a treatment?

ReLEx Smile enables us to fix myopia up to -10 dioptres and astigmatism up to 5 dioptres. It also enables us to perform laser surgery for those who aren’t fit for classic Lasik surgery because of a thinner cornea. ReLEx Smile can be performed on thinner corneas This method is recommended for our patients who do not suffer from farsightedness. Since the ReLEx Smile operation is performed without creating a flap on the epithelial tissue of the cornea, there is no healing process of your natural eye as there is with Lasik surgery.

Q: For what conditions you do not recommend ReLEX Smile?

ReLEx Smile is only not recommended if the patient is far-sighted (hypermetropia)

For what conditions Laser Presbyond is recommended and most effective?

Laser Presbyond technology is performed with both VisuMax and Mel 90. It is the best method to cure farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism in the same method. We offer this treatment for patients who started to suffer from presbyopia after the age of 40 and patients who have not started developing a cataract.

Q: For whom you do not recommend Laser Presbyond?

Laser Presbyond is not recommended if the patient has a cataract or the patient isn’t showing signs of presbyopia which limits your near vision quality.

Q: What are the most common cause people usually choose eye treatment in your vision center?

People who are tired of using eyeglasses come for laser eye treatments. People who do not want to wait in long queues to have cataract surgery come to our facility for one-day examination-operation packages. And people most likely come to our clinic for our high technology and affordability of our treatments in comparison to most European clinics.

What are the top eye surgeries people usually do in Turkey?

Most people come for Lasik and intraocular lens exchange. But recently, we are trying to promote the latest technology ReLEx Smile. Also, people from abroad want to come to Turkey just for affordable ReLEx Smile technology.

From what countries do people usually come for treatment to you?

Our foreign patients usually come from Germany, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavia. We mainly focus on countries that have direct flights to Izmir, Turkey where our clinic is located. But, we are always trying to reach new areas for us to offer our high technology to people who need treatment at the best prices.

How should I prepare before going for eye surgery in Turkey?

It is always better for patients to send us their examination and diagnosis reports before coming to Turkey for treatment or consultation so that our staff can choose the best treatment method for the patient. And you shouldn’t wear contact lenses for a week for us to measure and diagnose your eyes perfectly and that is it. There are no extra measurements that need to be taken. Our operations only take 1 minute per eye and you get discharged on the same day. The next day you come to our facility for a postoperative examination and then you can return to your country or holiday on the same day!

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What happens if eye surgery goes wrong?

There are no serious complications regarding our treatments. Only if you have Lasek (the oldest laser eye method) or if you have dry eyes before the operation, you might need to use more eye drops to hydrate your eye.
Almost every complication that might occur can be cured with eye drops. For other complications, our department is ready to do everything it takes.
There is no extra cost in our clinic! We are offering package prices according to the treatment you would like to get before you arrive in Turkey.
There will be no extra cost and Net Goz is ready to compensate for every need the patient might have.
No serious problems can arise. Sometimes if the patient has a cataract or intraocular lens exchange, the patient might need to stay in a hotel for 2 days instead of one for another postoperative examination before going back to his/her country.

ReLEx Smile, Laser Presbyond, Cataract Surgery

Monthly more than 300 patients get these treatments from us.

The average price for our treatments is around 2000€

Our laser procedures take 1 minute per eye, and Cataract and Intraocular Lens Exchange take 10 minutes. The patient is discharged in a short period after the operation. The next day, we invite the patient for a post-op examination.

Can I have a Second Eye Laser Surgery?

Our technology enables us to perform a second or even third laser operation if the patient is not happy with the results of the laser operation he/she had from another eye surgery clinic. You can contact us to find out if you're suitable for repeated eye surgery.

Do I need to have a translator during the treatment?

We have German, French, English, Russian, Bulgarian, and Dutch-speaking staff. But if the patient needs a translator for a different language, we can also offer the services accordingly. Our multilingual staff also accompanies the patient before, during, and after the operation.

For how long eye treatment will be effective?

Your eye dioptres are guaranteed to stay a minimum of 10 years by Carls Zeiss after the operation. After 10 years your eye dioptres will only start increasing according to your age. As you get older your vision correction will, of course, start deteriorating.

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