“Guaranteed Comfort” Surrogacy Program

1 attempt with Own Oocytes + Unlimited Attempts With Donor Oocytes (Unlimited attempts until successful live birth using own + donor eggs)

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnostics

No wait policy for surrogates/donors

Frozen embryo storage for 1 year

Surrogate insurance for risks associated with pregnancy/delivery

NICU cover if required

Accommodation in the centre of Kyiv for the 2 visits (first and final visits)

Personal coordinator to assist at every stage

Individual stimulation protocol, hormonal medicines for a patient/egg donor, ultrasound monitoring of follicle growth


Legal support in Ukraine (contracts, notary certified contracts, consultations on

legal issues)

Preparation of all documents necessary for the exit process, apostilization/ legalization of documents

Paternal DNA testing, organization of surrogate visits to the embassy/consulate if required

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