Rhytidoplasty (Face and neck lifting)

Rhytidoplasty is a rejuvenating and anti-aging plastic surgery covering particular parts of a face, entire face as well as neck areas. The procedure is usually held for people around the age of 40-45. 

Rhytidoplasty is held in the following cases:

- Loosen skin in the areas of forehead;

- Wrinkles between eyebrows;

- Loosen edges of eyebrows;

- Loosen skin in the areas of neck;

- Structural changes affecting the oval shape of face;

- Face wrinkles;

Incisions are done in the invisible zones such as the areas behind ears and above hairline. The surgery lasts for 1-1.5 hours and is done under general as well as local anesthesia. Patients stay under medical supervision for 2 days. Full recovery takes around 10-14 days. 


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