Comfort Surrogacy

1 follicular puncture, and 2 transfers

Medical part of the program:

1. Client’s follicle puncture for oocyte retrieval 2. PGD for nine chromosomes (5 embryos)3. Embryo transfer 4. Vitrification of embryos (1 cryotop) 5. Frozen–thawed embryo transfer 6. Medicines for the client in case of complications after ovarian puncture 7. Medications to support the pregnancy of a surrogate mother 8. Medical tests conducted on monthly basis after a surrogate mother gets pregnant 9. Childbirth 10. DNA testing 11. Initiate pediatric discharge care 12. Baby’s vaccinations etc.

Agency full-service support and legal part of the program:

1.Assistance of lawyers, program manager, and coordinator in the processing documents required for obtaining document for departure from Ukraine (passport, travel documents) 2.Organization of childbirth in a private maternity hospital  3.Personal driver services during the program. 4. 5-star hotel for initial visits 5. Two meals a day (breakfast and dinner). 6.City sightseeing tour accompanied by a translator  7.Support and coordination of legal, medical, and organizational issues






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