Plantar Warts in Wayne

Symptoms of Plantar Warts

Plantar warts may or may not cause you any discomfort, but there are distinct characteristics you find when you have them, including:

  • Tiny black pinpoints called wart seeds that represent little clotted blood vessels
  • Tenderness or pain when you put pressure on warts while standing or walking
  • A small, rough, grainy area on your heel or at the base of your toes
  • A callus or hard, thickened area of skin over a definite spot where the plantar wart has grown inward
  • Lesions on the bottom of your feet

If your warts bleed or cause pain, seek plantar warts treatment as soon as possible. It’s especially crucial that you seek treatment from a trained podiatrist like Dr. Petkov to discuss how to remove plantar warts if you have a compromised immune system, diabetes, or another condition that contributes to poor sensations in your feet.

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