IVF + cryo DO + PGD (PGT-A)  

Treatment Plan for IVF + cryo DO + PGD (PGT-A)*

Treatment Plan

Step 1. Enquiry.

Contact us through or web-site or e-mail. Get instructions for the following steps and the list of medical tests and examinations recommended.

Step 2. Pre-Treatment.

Send us relevant test and examination results and discuss them with your fertility specialist during the initial Skype-consultation. Get necessary documentation, a preliminary treatment plan and approximate pricing. Get and fill the application form for selecting the donor. Pre-payment.

Step 3. Donor selection.

You get OD’s descriptions, communicate with the fertility specialist in charge of OD selection and choose the donor.

Step 4. Visit 1

(2 working days) The female patient arrives at the clinic before 12 am 3-7 days before her period accompanied by her male partner. Have a consultation with your fertility specialist. Tests and examination. Test embryo-transfer. Sperm collection and vitrification. Discussing the treatment plan. Signing consent forms and agreements. Payment. Get instructions for hormone replacement therapy for the following visit. Both the male and the female partner can fly back home.

Step 5. Embryological part.

Thawing of the oocytes. IVF. Cultivation. Embryo biopsy. Vitrification of embryos. PGD.

Step 6. Cryo-protocol launch

(depends on the recipient’s cycle, but no less than 5 weeks since Visit 1). Hormone replacement therapy starts on day 1 of the recipient’s cycle. It is recommended to have a progesterone blood test on day 2-4 of the cycle.

Step 7. Visit 2 (8 days)

The female partner arrives at the clinic on day 11-13 of her cycle still receiving hormone replacement therapy. Monitoring. Blood tests. Thawing of the embryo. ET. 1 day after the ET, the female partner can fly back home.

Step 8. Outcome

On day 12-14 after the ET you have a HCG test.

* The treatment plan is a statistically average model designed for your convenience when planning your trip to Ukraine. It may undergo changes both in terms of time-limits and its content depending on the factual health condition of every individual patient.


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