Affordable Gastric Sleeve package in Egypt- Hospitalization and Transportation Included

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It's Time to Take Your Decision to Do Your Gastric Sleeve in Alexandria, Egypt!

Don't hesitate to take advantage of the gastric sleeve in Alexandria, Egypt by Dr. Islam, an effective solution to get an improvement from your overweight problem right now with only $1900!. For further consultation or questions, feel free to to contact us now on:

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Dr. Islam Abdelkhalek, a highly skilled bariatric surgeon based in Egypt, renowned for his expertise in gastric sleeve procedures. With a passion for transforming lives, Dr. Abdelkhalek offers a comprehensive package that encompasses the highest standards of care and cutting-edge surgical techniques.

The gastric sleeve procedure, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a minimally invasive weight loss surgery that aims to help individuals struggling with obesity achieve long-term success. During this procedure, Dr. Abdelkhalek skillfully removes a portion of the stomach, creating a smaller sleeve-shaped pouch. This reduces the stomach's capacity and restricts the amount of food it can hold, leading to significant weight loss.

Dr. Abdelkhalek's package includes personalized pre-operative consultations, state-of-the-art facilities, and a dedicated team of professionals who prioritize patient comfort and safety throughout the entire journey. With his extensive experience and commitment to excellence, Dr. Abdelkhalek ensures that each patient receives individualized care tailored to their unique needs.

Surgery quote of gastric sleeve is $1900

We understand that this is a significant decision. Safety and affordable pricing are the first concerns for every patient and we are committed to providing you with the best possible care and support throughout the process.

Cost of Gastric Sleeve in Alexandria, Egypt

You can get gastric sleeve package in Alexandria, Egypt by Dr. Islam Abdelkhalek with the price starts at $1900

Included in the package (we offer all of the following for free):

• All about the procedure

• 5 stars hospital stay for 3 nights (the night of arrival, and 2 nights after). Companion person is allowed.

• All consults, investigations, preoperation lab tests before surgery, ultrasound and blood tests.

• Your pickup from and to the airport.

• Transportation from hospital to the hotel.

• your medications and vitamins supplements needed for the first 3 months after surgery.

• A nutrition consultant visit before your discharge from the hospital giving you the after surgery diet plan, and you will have his contact to be in touch with him after you get back home.

• A guide and after surgery diet plan printed with full illustrations of diet modifications after surgery.

• You will have direct access to the surgical team on whatsapp and direct call so that they reply to any of your inquiries when you return back home.


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