SURROGACY+EGG DONATION ("fresh" embryo transfer)


Medical services:

Examination of Surrogate mother (before IVF)

Cryopreservation and storage of sperm during 12 months

IVF+ICSI with Egg Donation

Prenatal care program “Waiting for baby” (without cost of medicines)*

Fees for SM`s delivery

Non-medical services:

Selection of Surrogate Mother + Selection of Ooctyes donor

Selection of Ooctyes donor

Translation of Patient’s documents

Development of individual draft of Agreement of surrogacy + Legal services for registration of Child

Notarization Agreement of surrogacy providing + Notarization Surrogate mother`s statement

Coordination Services

Financial compensation Surrogate mother for transportation expenses, for embryos transfer (within 3 working days after ET), for a healthy diet and clothing for pregnant woman

Final compensation Surrogate mother (after delivery)


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