Medical services:

Donor’s sperm (one dose)

IVF+ICSI with the medicines cost  (without preparing of endometrium and ET stage) with vitrification and storage of embryos for 4 months

Examination of Surrogate mother (before IVF)

Cryoprogram (transfer of thawed embryos, cost of medicines for endometrium preparing included)

Prenatal care program “Waiting for baby” (without cost of medicines)* in case of observation of pregnancy by the leading obstetrician gynecologist or in the case of twins there will be an extra payment (see additional services)

Non-medical services:

Selection of Surrogate Mother

Selection of Sperm’s donor

Translation of Patients` documents for Medical Center (passports, marriage certificate) and legalization of translation

Development of individual draft of Agreement of surrogacy

Notarization Agreement of surrogacy providing

Coordiantion Services of SM Program till pregnancy of SM confirmation

Coordination Services of SM Program till SM`s delivery

Notarization Surrogate mother`s statement after birth providing

Legal services for registration of Child born as a result of the Client’s participation in the SM Program, preparing documents for Embassy (without services of translation and legislation cost) special price with discount for complex offer (price without discount – 1000USD)

Fees for SM`s delivery (cost of delivery in natural way, without complcations), pregnancy with 1 fetus


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