My Listing Has Wrong Information

My Listing Page Has the Wrong Information – How Can I Change it?

If your listing has the wrong address, contact information or services, you can claim a free representative account to gain access to edit your listing page. 

See details on the Free Representative User Account here.

How to edit my listing page on MedicalTourism.Review

In short, steps here is how you can edit your listing information.

Read here in detail about how to create a user account.

To change the listings' info you will need to:

1. Go to create a new user account, that will represent your listing and have access to your listing page,

2. Choose "I want to represent a provider",

3. Choose what provider you want to represent by writing the name in the field, and register the user account, 

4. After you registered and requested access to your listing page, wait for our team to verify your user account and give access to your listing page,

5. After we have sent you a granted request on your email, you have access to your listing page and can edit your information,

To access and edit your information see the next steps in the "Edit My Listing" section.

If I have a user account registered already?

1. Log in with your user account,

2. Go to your listing page,

2. Click on Claim this provider!

3. Wait for our team to verify your user account and give access to the listing page. 

Then you have access to your provider page and can edit your information. 

Edit My Listing Information

To edit your listing information you need to follow these steps.

1. Log in with your Representative User Account (note: only the approved account has access, if you have logged in with another user account then you might need to log  out and log in with the right user account),

2. Go to your listing page, you will see a green edit button on top of your listing name, click on it,

3. It will open the edit listing form, add and edit the information then click on the Save button. 

Note: Please save as often as you can so the information does not get lost. 

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