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Add medical provider to MTR

Why should I list my business on MedicalTourism.Review?

MTR team is working hard to deliver best quality information for medical tourism industry. 
Our goal is to help people find out about medical procedures available abroad. 

This means that having centralised and up to date directory of medical providers is important. 
But we do not stop only at raw listings. Our goal is to be accessible to everyone and this means that we do not only provide content in a comprehensive user-friendly format, but also easily searchable information about any provider.

We implement best practices for search engine optimisation (SEO) which means that your page on our platform will be easy to search via Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc.) and easy to find. We create many points of entry: whether user will look for a specific provider name, country, provided services, partners or available packages. 

Information on medical tourism is fragmented, scattered and not standardized in most of the cases. In order to solve this problem, our team researched and implemented most accessible standardisation of information. 

MedicalTourism.Review platform promotes the content and the main content is provider’s listings and provider’s pages.

If you consider listing on MTR, you will be promoted by our platform through the web and your provider will be accessible from any corner of the internet. 

MTR platform has all the tools in place for promotion of your provider, services you provide, partners you work with, packages, promotions and even coupons that you have. 
Also you will be able to assign a user named “Representative” that will be able to directly communicate with users, reply to their reviews and answer their questions on your provider’s page. 

MTR platform is built to enable you to connect with your past or future patients, easy and accessible.