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A healthy lifestyle is your choice and scientists as well as nutrition and wellness experts have proven beyond doubt that attending a spa is one of the best things you can do for your mind and body. For a healthier living, spa resorts and holiday centers provide you with ultimate destination points where you can immerse your body in warm Ayurveda and other herbal baths. To enjoy that younger look, a relaxed state of mind, consider visiting one of these spas. Everything from yoga, body therapies to facial toning will rejuvenate your health. Therefore, one or more spa services could do magic not only to your looks but also to your emotional and mental health. Here, we are going to sift through various spa services that can help you relax, reflect and rejuvenate your body. 

Types of Spas Based on the Services Offered 

Ayurvedic Spas

Ayurveda - an ancient Hindu treatment that means “the knowledge for long life”. Modern spa centers across the world have adopted this traditional treatment as it’s one of the natural all-in-one treatments. Ayurveda is a wholesome herbal treatment that not only treats your body but also your mind and spirit. Ayurvedic spas may combine two or more treatments depending on what is needed to revamp your system. Often Ayurvedic treatments use dietary herbs, blood purification techniques and mind relaxing methods. Regarded as the oldest and most popular spa treatment, Ayurveda still stands out because of its effectiveness and non-intrusive therapy treatments. These treatments range from the traditional Ayurveda yoga, meditation techniques, exfoliation, facials, hydrotherapy, and massage therapies. 

Destination Holiday Spas 

You can make the most out of your vacation by visiting a spa holiday resort. If you want a comprehensive therapeutic treatment, a destination spa center will offer you various programs that could help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to relieve stress, remove acne or meditate, these centers have various perks to suit your spa needs. When you plan your next spa holiday, to enrich your wellbeing and enhance your body systems, remember to focus on fitness programs, detox treatments and hydrotherapies. 

Medical Spas

Persistent health problems can affect your work. If you’ve tried all conventional treatments but the conditions keeps reappearing after a month or so, it is time for you try a medical spa. Medical spas can get rid of stubborn acne, pimples, weight and other conditions that are bothering you. Whether you’ve been under unyielding weight loss programs or expensive immunity nutrition plans and nothing has worked out so far, it’s time you give a try to these medical spas. Alongside facial treatments and detox programs, medical spas also offer Ayurvedic and yoga services. 

Healing Spas

Are you recuperating from a serious health condition? Are you looking for a place where you can recover quickly? Healing spa holiday destinations can give you the best natural environment to accelerate the healing process. Also, when you experience emotional related problems such PTSD, depression or anxiety, healing spas provides you with exclusive plans for all-encompassing healing process. In addition, these spas are homes of tranquility, where you can relax, meditate and reflect on your life.  

Stress Management & Relaxation Spas

Personalized massages, thermal circuits and body scrubs are just some of the body rejuvenating treatments one can get in a stress management spa. Most treatments tailored for stress management and relaxation focus on your energy. Your body uses a lot of energy to manage stress and treatments such as yoga and Ayurveda help refocus this energy by creating a relaxed atmosphere. Most of these spas are located in serene environments where you can at once forget about the bustles of the world for a better emotional well-being.  

Thermal & Hammam Spas

Do you want to boost your spine health? Or relax your stiffened muscles? Thermal and Hammam spas are a great choice for you. The steamy warm saunas contain water originating from the earth’s crust. Many believe that a warm bath in such waters not only makes your skin soft and tender, it also massages the spine area for a healthier spine. Thermal water increases blood circulation and metabolism and promotes easier burning of fats. Moreover, they contain various minerals that help heal injuries and wounds. With the Hammam treatment, medicinal oils are infused into the air for our bodies to absorb them through the skin pores. This allows the body to get rid of toxins as well as built-up stress factors. 

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