Achilles Tendon Surgery

The Achilles tendon is that strong band of tissue that connects your calf muscles to your heel.

You may have seen a sporting event at which a player was escorted off the field on a stretcher. If the reason was a torn Achilles tendon, you now know how bad it can be. That athlete was most likely being taken to surgery to repair the tear, and he won’t be playing for months while it heals. If you’re active and begin to feel pain in the back of your ankle, visit Dr. Velimir Petkov in Clifton, New Jersey. Your podiatrist can begin a program of Achilles tendon rehabilitation before you get carted off on a stretcher in extreme pain. Call Premier Podiatry for an appointment, even on short notice.

The Achilles tendon is that strong band of tissue that connects your calf muscles to your heel. Typically, tendonitis occurs from overuse. Runners who suddenly increase the intensity of their runs are at particular risk of developing Achilles tendonitis. Middle-aged athletes who only work out on the weekends are another population who may be at risk of injuring the tendon.

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