Surrogacy Program

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Surrogacy. It’s a word that means something different for each person. For Intended Parents, it’s the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. For the Surrogate , it’s the chance of giving new life to a family who has been waiting for a child of their own.

We propose 3 options on surrogate programs on own and donor’s oocytes:

Donor oocytes + Surrogacy

Own oocytes + surrogacy

Own oocytes + Donor oocytes + Surrogacy

Each program includes a list of  services below: 

  • Consultation with an experienced obstetrician-gynecologist of the clinic at the first appointment and medical examination of clients, surrogate mothers, and donors 
  • Visa invitations 
  • Interpreter services  
  • IVF treatment and ICSI 
  • Selection of an oocyte donor
  • Ovarian stimulation medications for a client or donor 
  • Medical evaluation and full medical examination of a surrogate mother, provision of necessary medications 
  • Client’s or donor’s follicle puncture for oocyte retrieval 
  • Prolonged culture of embryos to blastocyst stage 
  • PGD 
  • Embryo transfer and vitrification of embryos 
  • Medical tests conducted on monthly basis after a surrogate mother gets pregnant  
  • Support and control of pregnancy of a surrogate mother
  • Timely informing of the clients on the conditions of the surrogate mother and the child / children 
  • Childbirth 
  • DNA testing  
  • Baby’s vaccinations  

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